How to Use Punctuation with Closing Quotation Marks

Welcome to grammar tip Tuesday, where every week I post an unusual, unknown, or otherwise helpful grammar tip to help you be smarter than everyone else. Today’s topic? Colons and semicolons and question marks and other types of punctuation with quotation marks, brought to you by Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition, 6.10: “Colons and […]

Using an Em Dash vs. Ellipses in Dialogue

The incorrect use of em dashes and ellipses is not something that matters a whole lot in the grand scheme of writing. There are  more crucial grammatical issues such as direct address commas, apostrophes, and spelling. However, dash/ellipses confusion is a personal pet peeve of mine, and thankfully, the rule is easy enough to remember: […]

Awhile vs. A while

I’ve got a quick grammar tip for you today! Many people don’t think about the fact that there’s a difference between a while as two words and awhile as one. Each has a different usage and meaning that’s actually not too difficult to remember. Here’s an example: I’m going to be at the store for […]

Be Smarter than Everyone Else with 2 Simple Grammar Rules

Today, I want to talk about smarts. Grammatical smarts, to be exact. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people misuse the word literally. It’s used incorrectly the majority of the time, and I think people need to be educated on its correct meaning. His face literally dripped compassion. No. Just, no. Don’t be that person. Know what you’re saying […]