More about the Em Dash!

[source] Remember when I talked about using em dash vs. ellipses with dialogue? Here’s another quick em dash tip regarding surrounding punctuation, which can be found in CMOS 6.87. A question mark or exclamation point can precede an em dash. A comma, colon, and semicolon cannot. Example (from CMOS): Only if—heaven forbid!—you lose your passport should […]

Grammar Tip Tuesday: Quotes within Quotes

Today I want to talk briefly about quotes within quotes….within quotes. The endless rabbit hole of quotes within quotes can get confusing, especially if you don’t use proper punctuation. Let’s examine: “I like cheese.” One sentence of quotes. Easy enough. But what happens when we add a quote within that quote? “Whatever you’re calling ‘cheese’ is just something processed.” When […]

Grammar Tip: Should You Use Double Punctuation?!

Hello! Welcome to Grammar Tip Tuesday, where I bring you a (hopefully) helpful grammar tip so that you can be smarter than everyone else. Today’s tip will be short and sweet and concerns a personal pet peeve of mine: double punctuation. Example: “You mean you’re breaking up with me?!” Note the use of an exclamation […]

Grammar Tip: Using Commas with Quotes, Dialogue, or Parenthesis

One of the most common mistakes I come across is when commas are added where they shouldn’t be or left out where they’re needed. Incorrect commas is a big problem especially as it concerns quotes, dialogue, and parenthesis, so hopefully today’s grammar tip will help clarify the confusion. || Commas with Quotes Quoted material is usually introduced […]