Amanda is a master editor, offering grammatical precision and insightful content development.  She unquestionably enhanced my manuscript with fitting suggestions for developing the story, helping to reduce unnecessary or repetitive content, and paying careful attention to detail.  She was prompt with returning feedback, meeting every deadline, and was open to dialoguing about her suggestions. Lastly, Amanda is a pleasure work with and easy to engage.  She exceeded my expectations as an editor.

-Christina Levasheff (author of Eyes That SeeJudson’s Legacy)


I have been blessed to have Amanda edit my first four books. Being a new author, I had a lot to learn about the editing process. Amanda took me through each phase and helped me see where I could improve my writing. She was complimentary and encouraging, which I greatly appreciated. I believe I am a better writer because of Amanda’s tutelage and that my books have a better opportunity for success.

-Margo Hansen (author of A Newly Weds Series)


Having Amanda edit your work is like a makeover for your writing. If you’re a writer, you need to know her.
-Chelsea Jacobs (author of Happy to Be Alive, Because)
When I wrote my short story, My Bones, I had a vision in mind. The only other person who understood that vision and helped it become a reality was Amanda Bumgarner. She took my story, my sentences, my thoughts, and helped me construct them so that they represented my writing style more than I could have done on my own. Now that’s the sign of a good editor. That’s the way it should be. She’s the only one I’ll trust when it comes to tweaking a sentence, making an idea more clear, and, of course, catching every mistake that a writer cannot, I repeat CANNOT, find on his or her own. Thank you, Amanda!
-Melinda Williams (author of Hey Lou Writes blog and aspiring published author)